The secretariat of Alkufa Grand Mosque held a meeting to discuss the latest preparations related to holding 7th Assafer Cultural Festival on Shawal 5th 1438 A.H corresponding to July 30th 2017.

The meeting was headed by Sayed . Muhammad Majeed Almusawee, secretary –general of Alkufa Grand Mosque and Holy Shrines attached to it. The meeting aimed at distributing the tasks and put the final plan of holding the festival which due to be continued for three days.

The festival of this year will be held under the slogan " Alkufa City is a land of bestowal and attitude of loyalty ".


The goal of this cultural event is to clear the brilliant image of arrival of the envoy of Imam Hussein ( A.S) Muslim Bin Aqeel to Alkufa city where it represented the starting of Imam Husseins ( A.S) upraising and to show off the great identity of Alkufa city and its great role across the Islamic History. Moreover this event will give the impression that our religion has a peaceful core which is able to react within the culture.