Supporting to media message in Annajaf province, The secretariat of Alkufa Grand Mosque and holy Shrines attached to it held a feast of ifta attended by media men of Annajaf province where Mr. Muhammad Majeed Almusawe, Secretary- General of Alkufa Grand Mosque called on shedding the light on Alkufa City and its Grand Mosque because this city had suffered from marginalization for many decades and that results to be a simple city despite what it has from  glory history like the other Islamic cities.

Sayed. Almusawee confirmed that the real media is one which transforms the real image and gives the addressee the good impression , so it should the activities conducted by the secretariat because these activities will help in spreading the principles of Ahlue-Elbeit ( A.S) .


The media men expressed of their gratitude and thanks  to the secretariat for this initiative and  for its continuity in supporting the media men and facilitating their journalistic work