Alkufa Grand Mosque Secretariat held its annual assemble to celebrate the auspicious birth of Imam  Mahdi's ( A.S). The assemble was attended by Religious, Academic and official figures شس صial figures. y Religious, aigious, academic and ssion  as well as it was attended by the employees and honorable visitors of Alkufa Grand Mosque.

The activities of assemble was opened by reciting verses of Noble Quran then reading Surat Alfatiha for Martyrs of our security forces . The speech of secretariat was read by Sayed Adil Alyassery, in charge of Quran Unit in ALkufa Grand Mosque Secretariat where Mr. Altassery  talked about the deed during the time of Imam's Occultation "A.S", readiness of believers for the time of reappearance and the activities of Alkufa Grand Mosque aimed at spreading the culture of waiting of Imam Alhuja(A.S).

Sayed.Alyassiry reminded the attendees that ALkufa Mosque will be the headquarter of Imam's Huja blessed government and Alkufa City will be his holy capital.

The assemble witnessed delivering a lecture by his eminence Sayed. Hussein Alhaqeem where he talked about the auspicious occasion and the general duties which are obligated to be performed by Muslims such as promoting the virtue and preventing vice, countering the corruption  and other legitimate duties where one of these duties is realted to the time of occulation that we are living right now.

His eminence Alhaqeem referred to that " the path of direction will not be recognized but by the recognition of Infallible Imam , adopting his steps and lightening by his teachings.

The voice of Iraqi People's Mobilization Forces existed in the assemble when Seheikh Qassim Alkhaqani, the vice of head of PMF in Annajaf city, delivered a speech to shed the light on the role of the forces in defending the holy shrines and country achieving to the Ftawa of Grand Aytoallah Sayed Ali Assistani.

The poets had a place on the stage by their poems to mark the happiness of Muslims on the occasion of our saver Imam Huja( A.S).


The last activity of annual assemble was granting the certificates of merit  to the cadre of Safeer Alhussein Broadcasting on occasion of its fourth year anniversary and honoring to its role in spreading the principles of Ahlu-Elebeit ( A.S).