Sayed Muhammad Majeed Al Musawee, Secretary-General of Alkufa Grand Mosque &holy Shrine attached to it, discussed the ways to rehabilitate and use the areas surrounding the mosque of Kufa and holy shrine of honorable companion Maitham Atamar( A.S).

In the consultancy meeting attended by the representative of the companion Maitham Atamar (A.S) and representatives of offices, Sayed Almussawee confirmed on the necessity and ability of rehabilitating these areas to become comfortable places for the visitors and supplying the services for them through the Million visits.

The attendees agreed on forming a joint committee due to be contained, the inspectorate of Annajaf Antiques , Municipality of Alkufa, directorate of Agriculture and office of Estate to drew a full blueprint to the surrounding areas and delimitate the lands belonged to the specific area.

 Also the 2nd meeting was dated on 25th July 2017 due to be attended by the General-Manager of the directorate of Holy Shrines and Shiite shrine.