The University Relation Section affiliated to Alkufa Grand Mosque Secretariat discussed the developing of curriculums of Archeology and Heritage Faculty in the Iraqi Universities according to the historical  and scientific vision of the Alkufa Grand Mosque.

 Sayed. Hassan Alkhulkhally, in charge on Section, mentioned that the workshop discussed how to develop the curriculums through the cooperation with the European Universities to become in an advance position among the international Universities.

The workshop held by the Faculty of Archeology and Antiques was attended by the representatives of Holy shrines, the committee on Archeology and Antiques in Provincial Council. After the detailed discussion , It was agreed to write the recommendation by the staffs of Faculty.

 In the other course, the section of Univesrity Relation, Alkufa Grand Mosque Secretariat honored a number of professors for occasion of getting the title of professorate.