A delegation of media of Alkufa Grand Mosque and holy shrines attached to it attended the official ceremony of Arabic Media Day held in Baghdad. The delegation included Mr. Ali Jehad , head of media department in Alkufa Grand Mosque Secretariat and Mr. Ala'a Jabawee , responsible on Safeer Alhussein Broadcast. The 2nd ceremony was held by General Secretariat of Council of Ministers as well as the representative of Arab League to Baghdad.

The ceremony held under the Slogan " The media is in countering with terrorism" witnessed the participation of many official, media, academic figures and  the representatives of Iraqi Journalists Syndicate beside Iraqi Media Network, also the union of Iraqi TVs and Broadcasts attended this ceremony.

The speakers confirmed in their speeches delivered in the ceremony on the role of media in supporting the war against the terrorism in the areas which were controlled by the terrorist organizations where these organizations used the stage that Iraqi Security Forces were unqualified to face and defeat them but now with the support of National Media , we can see the triumphs achieved by our brave Iraqi Forces and Iraqi People's Mobilization Forces.

The conclusion of ceremony witnessed  distributing the awards of  broadcasting distinction over some Iraqi Media men and media institutions evaluating to their role in fighting the terrorism.


It is worthy to mention that the Arabic Media Day was adopted by the council of Arab Media Ministers in its 46th session and by the support of Arab League to celebrate in this day and organize activities which must be harmonized  with the critical stage represented by facing the terrorist thoughts.