The delegation of Alkufa Grand Mosque Secretariat attended the starting of  activities of 13th Rabi'e Ashahada  Launched  by Imam Hussein Holy Shrine reviving the occasion of Imam Hussein's (A.S) birth.

Mr. Muhammad Majeed Almussawee, Secretary-General of Alkufa Grand Mosque, about this attendance he said" Imam Hussein (A.S) was not a model only but he was like a teacher for ethics and science beside he was the master of martyrs. Moreover he presented a great lesson to the humanity by his martyrdom"

" The best thing must be offered by us is the reformation and the righteousness and to put the man on the right path". He added. 

The opening ceremony witnessed the attendance of official, religious, intellectual and academic figures beside the presence of holy Shrines' representatives. The festival was attended by more than 35 states where it was held under the slogan " Imam Hussein( A.S)  is a fruitful rain and continuous stream".