The 2nd conference of Holy Shrines held in the Holy Shrines of Imam Hussein (A.S)  and held under the Slogan " The rights of visitors are our pricy deposit "  was concluded where it was discussed the recommendations of 1st conference of Holy Shrines held in Tehran.

The works of conference lasted for three days to put a comprehensive plan due to be applied by bilateral cooperation among the holy shrines for providing the best ways to the visitors of these holy shrines and places.

The concluding statement of the conference was delivered by Sayed. Ja'fer Almussawee ,the General-Secretary of Imam Hussein (A.S) holy Shrines, where it was confirmed on interest at protecting the dignity of visitor and treating him properly, taking care the following of legal restrictions from those which emerged from the teaching of Noble Quran, Prophet Muhammed and his household (A.S) in daily work in these holy places.

The program  dealt on and reached to it by the representatives of holy shrines during the holding of conference  included spreading the instructions about the ethics of visiting, following and respecting the laws and traditions of hosting country and providing the visitor with suitable cultural publishing, also it was agreed on providing specific ways to the visitors and entertaining places beside providing the transportations.

The security issue was discussed in the terms of agreement dealt on it during the conference where it was confirmed on assuring the security of visitor, its personal properties and providing the medical services depending on available capabilities beside providing the banking treatments to the visitors.

The sect of media presented on the agenda of conference where it was dealt on activate it by providing the edge-technologies and exchanging the experience and activities among the Holy Shrines.


The conclusion of conference was witnessed the signing of concluding statement.