The Secretariat of  Alkufa Grand Mosque and Holy Shrines attached to it participated in starting the activities of 2nd conference of holy shrines held at holy shrine of Imam Hussein ( A.S). The conference was attended by the Shiite endowment in Iraq  and Secretary –Generals of Holy Shrines of Hussein( A.S), Abbas(A.S), Kadhimyah, Askaryah, Zayabyah , Jamqaran mosque and Alkufa Mosque. It was held under the slogan " The rights of visitors is our pricy deposit " which will be held across 26th -27th April 2017 corresponding to 28th -29th Rajib 1438A.H.

It discussed the recommendations of 1st conference held in Islamic Republic of Iran and the means of bilateral cooperation among the Holy Shrines where it is due to be put a comprehensive plan and stressing on activate the cooperation among the holy shrines.


The Shiite endowment of Republic of Iraq was represented by His eminence Sayed Ala'a Almussawee as well as the conference was attended by General director of the directorate of Holy Shrines and Shiite shrines Sayed . Musa Taqi Alkhulhaly.