Today, Friday Dec 16th 2016 corresponding to Rabi'ee Awal 16th 1438 was the launch of the 6th National Qurnic Contest for memorizing and reciting held at Alkufa Grand Mosque celebrating the auspicious birth of our honorable Prophet Muhammed and his grandson Imam Asadiq ( A.S).

The number of competitors was 18 who represent18 province of our beloved country. The contest witnessed the existence of reciter representing the Iraqi Mobilization Forces and it is a first of  its kind.

The contest was started by reciting some verses of holy Quarn then holy verse of Fatiha was red attributing to the Martyrs of Iraq then the speech of Alkufa Grand Mosque secretariat was red by Sayed Adil Alyasiry, in charge on section of Quran of the secretariat of Alkufa Grand Mosque where he thanked the attendances and presented the gratefulness to arbitrators of contest.  Mr. Rafi'a Alamery, General-Manager of National Center of Quran Science delivered the speech of center where he hailed the efforts of holders of this contest which begins in representing one of most important Quranic contest on national level because of its results aimed at boosting the Quranic Culture.


It is worthy to mention that the contest will continue for two days and the number of participants is 40 who represented the provinces of our country.