The secretariat of Alkufa Grand Mosque and holy Shrines attached to it accomplished its preparations for receiving  the visitors of Imam Hussein's ( AS) Arbaeen. The engineering department finished the places of services such as the places of checking, deposit places for bags and possessions and the corridors of entrance.

Mr. Haider Almusawee, head of Engineering department talked about these preparations " Our staffs completed installation of extra places to keep the stuffs of visitors, putting signs for guiding the visitors written in Arabic, Persian and English and installing of places for distributing the meals",

"A big amount of drinkable water was stored to meet the needs of visitors as well as to satisfy the needs of Hussaini Mawkibs in and outskirts of Alkufa City." Mr. Mussawee added.


About the security procedures adopted by the secretariat , Mr. Ali Aramahee said " the coordination between the secretariat and security authorities are continuing in order to put the plans to be warranted to the security of visitors."