The secretariat of Alkufa Grand Mosque and holy Shrines attached to it held a condolence session to mark the Martyrdom of Imam Assajad (A.S) dated Muhram 25th 1438 A.H.

The session was started by reciting Surat Alfatiha, next his eminence Sheikh. Hadi Alhilalaly mounted the pulpit to talk about the honored biography of Imam Asajad ( A.S) referring to some kind of miracle when Imam Asajad (A.S) survived from the massacre conducted by Amyat at the battle of Ataaf despite he was 22years old only and he was sick, also his eminence focused of magnificent features of Imam ( A.S) such as the strong charisma qualified him to stand against Amyte and defeated their devil schemes aimed at destroying the principles of Islam beside he worked on shaming their oppressive ways.

His eminence cleared the vision of Imam ( AS) in purifying the spirit by supplication mentioning the significant example which was the famous book left by him ( A.S) Asahifa Asajadyah .

The movements of Imam Asajad ( A.S) were watched carefully by the enemy of Islam because they felt that the people's base of Imam ( A.S) started in increasing , thus one of Marwany tyrants decided to eliminate him when Alwaleed bin Abdul Malik ordered his brother Salaman to poison Imam (A.S) and that dated on Muharm 25th 95 AH.