The secretariat of Alkufa Grand Mosque and Holy Shrines attached to it held its annual session to mark the occasion of Ashuraa. The session will continue for ten days starting from the first day of Muhram 1438. The session was started by reciting holy verses of Quran then His eminence Dr. Essam Anafakh ascended the pulpit on first day reminding the attendances about the necessity of holding Hussainy rituals because of their importance in introducing the ordeals of Ahlu-elbait ( A.S) beside they will teach the believers the adherence to Imam Hussein's (A.S) principles.

His eminence Dr. Anafakh mentioned that our prophet Muhammed ( A.S)was the first who held the condolence session to remember the companions for what will happen to his grandson and that what made them cried also his eminence referred to narration confirmed the crying of our prophet (AS) when Angel Jabra'eel had brought to him (A.S) a fist of dirt of Karbala'a  to tell him that on this dirt your beloved grandson Hussein will be martyred.

As well as his eminence talked about the event of crying Imam Ali ( A.S) when he passed through karbala'a heading to Sufeen battle and he( A.S) made those who accompanied him ( A.S) cried, therefore all that happened before the martyrdom of Imam Hussein ( A.S) so the question here how we can neglect holding such these rituals.

His eminence confirmed that these session will participate positively in building the Muslim individual to lead as a consequence in building Muslim society.

His eminence concluded the condolence session by reading elegiac poetry and pray Allah ( SW) to protect our country and grand the triumph to our soldiers and Iraqi Mobilization Forces against the terrorist group of Daesh and to guide the holders of this session in serving this holy edifice.