The Visit of Hani Bin Aura ( Allah blesses him)

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The Visit of Hani Bin Aura  ( Allah blesses him)

You stop at the tomb of Hani Bin Aura and greet Allah’s Messenger( Allah prays upon him and his family) and say:

          Peace of Allah the Great and His Prayers upon you O Hani Bin Aura, peace upon you O the good slave who did well for Allah and His Messenger and for Amir Al-Moeninien and Al-Hassan and Al-Hussein peace upon Them . I witness that you killed as oppressed. So Allah cures those who killed you and deems your blood lawfully and fill their graves with fire , I witness the you met Allah Who was satisfied with you about what you have done and advised . I witness that you have reached the degree of the martyrs and made your soul with souls of the happiest of what advised to Allah and His Messenger actively  and you sacrificed yourself for Allah’s Self and His Satisfaction , O Allah’s Mercy upon you and satisfied with you and put you with Mohammed and his pure family and brings together us and you with them in the grace house and peace be upon you and Allah’s Mercy and Blessings…. Then pray two prostrations and gift them to Hani and call for your self as you wish farewell him as you did by Moslem.



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