The Visit of Moslem Bin Aaqeel ( Peace be upon him)

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The Visit of Moslem Bin Aaqeel ( Peace be upon him)

       When you finished from the works of Kufa Mosque , you can go to the grave of Moslem Bin Aaqeel (Peace be upon him) and stand at it and say:

      A praise to Allah the King, the Clear Right for Who the mighty men for His Greatness are humiliated(have little dignity), Whose Lordship is acknowledged by the people of all Heavens and Earths, Whose  Monotheism are accepted by all creatures , Allah prays upon the Master of all creatures and His esteemed Family, a prayer for which the eyes are satisfied and forced the nose of the Jiin and human being all by their matter, Allah’s peace, the High and the Great, and His close angels’ peace  and His Prophets and Messengers, and Selected Imams and His good Worshipers and all Martyrs and Faithful , and good works for Allah and good words in mentioning Allah which cover your soul O Moslen Bin Aaqeel Bin Abu Taleb and Allah’s Mercy and Blessings. I witness that you did the prayer and did the charity and ordered the Maaruf(Goodness), and forbidden the evil action and struggled in seek of Allah the right to his struggle and you killed according to the schemes of (Mujahid) fighters for His Sake till you met Allah Almighty and He is satisfied . I witness that you honored the Promise of Allah and sacrifices yourself in supporting the Argument of Allah and Son of the Argument till you have the certainty , I witness for you the recognizing, the loyalty and the advice for the Khalaf (descendants) of the sent Prophet and good tribe and the  kwon directory and the informed trustee, the Al-Mohtatham (predigested) oppressed , so Allah rewards you from His Messenger , from Amir Al-Moaminien, about Al-Hassan and Al-Hussein the best reward for your patience and support, O you have got good end , and Allah curses the one who invented about you and Allah curses who ignored your right and underestimated your sanctity, Allah curses who pledges allegiance to you and cheats you and who let you down and delivers you, and who gathers people against you and did not help you. O Praise to Allah Who makes the Fire their final place and this is what they deserved. I witness that you killed as an oppressed and Allah will do His Promise , I come to you as a visitor , knowing your right and satisfy by you and follow your religion (Sina), and my support is ready for you till Allah’s Judge Who is the best Judges . I am with you not with your enemy , Allah’s prayers upon you and upon your souls , bodies , witnesses, absent and the peace upon you and Allah’s Mercy and Praise , Allah kills the nation which  killed you by hands and tongues. These words are  in the great shrine as a statue of excuse and then he says after mentioning these words : then enter and approach the tomb and due to the previous tale point to the shrine and say:

       Peace be upon you O the good slave who obeys Allah, and His Messenger, and Amir Al-Moaninien and Al-Hassan, and Al-Hussein peace be upon Them , Allah’s Praise upon His Worshipers who are Mohammed and his family, and peace be upon you and Allah’s Mercy and Blessings and Forgiveness, and upon your soul , your body, and I witness that you followed of what Al-Badrion , fighters in the sake of Allah , they did well in the fighting Allah’s Enemy and supported supporters , O Allah rewards you with the best reward and much reward and plenty reward for one who did his promise and responded to His Call and obeyed His Rulers , I witness that you did well in advice and gave the purpose of the effort till Allah sent you with the martyrs, and put your soul with the souls of the happiest and gave you a house in His Wide Paradises and best rooms and put your name high and put you with the Prophets and the faithful and the martyrs and the good and the best fellow for them .I witness that you have been not brought low and repelled, and you follow the foresight of your matter following the example of the good men and the prophets , so Allah gathered we and you and His Messenger and Supporters in the good houses He is the Most Merciful.

        Then pray two prostrations at the side of the head and gift it to him then say:

       O Allah prays upon Mohammed and His family, and does not let me any sin in this great place and blessing spot but Thou forgive it, and any misery but Thou end and any sickness but Thou hail and any defect but  Thou cover and any livelihood but Thou give and any fear but Thou make safe, and any embracement but Thou gather and any absent but Thou bring him near and safe him and any need of life’s Hereafter’s needs  for Thee having satisfaction and for me is good but Thou achieved, O the Most Merciful.



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