Anybody reads the life of Imam Amir al-Mu'minin Ali Bin Abu Talib (peace be upon him) with an accurate reading, surpassing his normal personal features; he will discover the unique and rare properties that are not available to other leaders and the great characters in the long human history.

Imam's qualities of courage and asceticism, morality and generosity, literature and rhetoric, eloquence and so on of values and attributes were well- known and clear among the people. His behavior and social life reflected these qualities.  Moreover, Imam Ali (peace be upon him) experienced these qualities among people whom they understood and appreciated, because they were of the genus of the values and customs recognized in the community of the era of Imam.

There is another aspect of the qualities and features of Imam that did not recognize by the community clearly and correctly because they were uncommon and unknown in his community.

The scientific and intellectual side was the uniqueness for Imam Ali (peace be upon him). It is a unique case and even alien to the society came out of the womb of ignorance. It is (I.e. a scientific and intellectual side) is a valuable addition made the personality of Imam a rare case in the era of Islam and beyond. Thus, Imam Ali Bin Abi Talib (peace be upon him) was in his era and after his time.

Imam Ali Abi Abu Talib (peace be upon him) a scientific and intellectual force that was unique in the era of Islam. This scientific and intellectual force did not come of the vacuums without source. It is a logical and natural consequence of the circumstance of the blessed Islamic call represented by the school of the Holy Quran and the breeding of the Messenger (Allah bless him and his family) connecting to the holy divine rope extended to the sky.

Imam Ali (peace be upon him) has lived with Koran and Koran lived with Ali. Moreover, Imam lived with the dignified Messenger and the messenger himself lived with Imam.

The greatest Messenger confirmed this correlation between Imam Ali and the Koran, saying ((Ali with the Koran and the Koran with Ali, and they will never live apart, until Ali arrived the pelvis))([1]).

The Messenger confirmed also the correlation between him and his uncle's son Imam Ali. He (Allah bless him and his family) assured frequently this correlation in his speech, when he said ((Ali is to me like the stature of my head from my body))([2]) or ((I am the city of knowledge and Ali is its door))([3])

Who lives in the school of the holy Quran and in the lap of the Greatest Messenger and the environment of the pure Islamic call, what do we expect to be?

Undoubtedly, he will carry the intellect, science, knowledge and awareness in their highest degree. There is no doubt, he will learn the science and the awareness from its original sources, and he will live in the clear intellect, right science and healthy procedure, when he thinks about things. Thus, Imam Ali (peace be upon him) was.

Imam Ali (peace be upon him) carried the original conscious intellect and science, and he realized matters and things with the right awareness.

The greatest Messenger talked about that intellect, science and high awareness that Imam Ali (peace be upon him) possessed and he praised his great scientific spirit, and from these talks and sayings of the Messenger in this concern:

((the wisdom divided into ten parts, Ali got nine parts and all people got one part only, and Ali has more knowing in this part than the people))([4]).

Ali possessed more knowing than you did, and he was the oldest in Islam than you))([5]).

(The most knowing in my nation after me is Ali Bin Abi Talib)([6]).

There are other similar prophetic talks and sayings confirming the scientific and intellectual ability of Imam.

If we return to Imam's sayings relating the scientific intellect and spirit that he had personally, we will find additional confirmation to that of the dignified Messenger concerning the science in the right of Imam Ali. Imam (peace be upon him) has used the word (Isaluni) means (ask me) frequently in his sermons and talks that has a clear indication of Imam's potential in the science, the knowledge and the readiness of answers of what in the mind of people is, and beyond that. For instance, he said ((Ask me before you miss me, because I am certainly acquainted with paths of the sky more than the paths of earth))([7]). And also ((ask me before you miss me; Who split the grain and create the aura if you ask me about which verse revealed in night or it came down in midday))([8]).

Even it mentioned that al-Musayb said ((Nobody among the companions of Allah's Messenger (Allah bless him and his family) says (ask me) except Ali Bin Abi Talib, and Ibn Shabrima said" Nobody said while he was on the platform (ask me) except Ali)) ([9]).

This phrase and this repetition are a clear indication of the powerful scientific spirit and the strong desire to spread the science and the knowledge among Muslims.

Imam Ali (peace be upon him) realized scientifically the value of the question, because it is the key of the science, so he encourages the asker to more science and knowledge. Therefore, he (peace be upon him) mentioned the question and science in his saying ((Science is treasuries and their sky is the question, so please, Allah mercy upon you. He summarized the matter in four steps: the asker and the teacher, the receiver and sender, and the one loving them))([10]).

Imam Ali (peace be upon him) expressed on the potential scientific spirit inside him through many words, sayings and sermons. The best he said is his saying to Kumail Ibn Zeyad al-Nakha'i ((O Kumail Bin Zeyad, the hearts are like vessels. The best of them is that enlightens, and keep in your mind what I am saying: people are in three: a divine scholar; a learner in the path of safety and salvation, and a savages or a riffraff followed each croaker, they lean with each wind. They did not enlighten with the light of the knowledge, and they did not resort to relevant side. The knowledge is better than money; the knowledge keeps you while you are guarding the money. The Knowledge is better than the work, and money lacks of the alimony. The love of the scholar is a religion con-demned by it; the knowledge gives the scholar an obedience in his life after his death, but the people exchange beautiful talks on him  and the creature of money disappears soon he died. Those who reserve money are dead while they are alive, but the scientists are staying forever; their heads are missing and their bywords exist in the hearts, hah, that is here, and he pointed to his chest- if you get the knowledge, you will benefit, surely if you got, its understanding will be unsafe. They use the tool of the religion for the current life))([11]).


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